5 Best Backlink Checkers

These are the 5 best backlink checkers you can use to improve your own SERPs and to spy on your competition.

Wait… What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are hyper-links that direct you to a specific page on the web. Specifically, they are links on other web pages all over the net, that direct back to your website when they are clicked.

Why Bother with Backlinks?

The more backlinks that you have the higher your chances are of ranking high in search engine search results. However, quantity is just one of the things that you have to consider when getting backlinks. Google takes into account not just the quantity of your backlinks, but also the quantity.

The best way to get lots of quality backlinks is to create great web content that people can’t help but like and share. Getting people to share your content is one of the major objectives of content marketing; but that’s another topic for another day.

In order for you to asses how well your site is doing, one of the things that you need to do is to check the quantity and quality of your backlinks.

It would be very hard, if not impossible, for you to do that manually. That’s why there are a lot of checkers that you can use to do just that. So here’s our list of the 5 Best Backlink Checkers.

The 5 Best Backlink Checkers


Whether you’re part of a SEO agency, a freelance SEO expert, or a regular guy doing some keyword research, you’ve probably heard of Majestic. While some backlink checking tools available are small scale, lacking in data, and have stale indexes, Majestic offers one of the best ways for you to collect comprehensive data regarding your website’s backlink profile.

Here’s why lots of people use Majestic:

  • Majestic’s index is updated several times a day
  • It has a very large index.
  • The data that you get is fresh. It is also well structured and easy to understand.
  • You will get accurate data about how powerful links are, about their sources, your link building history, and many other data reports.

Though you can do a lot with a free account, users who have larger businesses will need to register for a paid account to get the full benefits of the service.

Majestic’s plans start at £29.99

Check out their video to find out more.


Next in our list of the 5 Best Backlink Checkers is Ahrefs. Just like Majestic, Ahrefs can be used for free. You can also register for a free account or a paid account to get more features.

  • You don’t need to register to use site explorer and backlink checker, and batch analysis.
  • Registering for a free account will give you access to more services including crawl reports, and backlink reports
  • Gives you details such as number of backlinks, sources of backlinks, social media activity of the website, URL score, and a graph of the stats of the site you entered.

Here are some of the limitations you may encounter when using the service:

  • The free account has severe limitations.
  • If you need to be checking a website with lots of links, you better register and sign up for one of the paid plans.

Paid plans for Ahrefs begin at $79 a month.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site is the backlink checker of SEOmoz, one of the net’s most popular providers of SEO software.

Here’s why it’s popular:

  • It’s free; It’s hard to compete with free
  • Provides you with a lot of data including authority, page link metrics, , and inbound links
  • If your register for a pro account on the main MOZseo website, you get additional features such as page social metrics for Open Site Explorer.

Generally, the site has great reviews from it’s users. It provides great services for free. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that you need to register and pay to make use of it’s other tools. The free version has so many great features that make it an awesome backlink checker to use; and if you pay for a plan, it gets even better.

Getting Moz Pro will give you full access to Open Site Explorer’s Features among many other tools you can use. Plans start at $99 a month.

Learn more by checking out this video.

Backlink Watch

There are a lot of free backlink checking tools out there. In fact most of them are free. This tool is one of them.

Why it’s awesome:

  • It’s simple and very user friendly.
  • It gives you useful data like external backlinks,anchor text, page rank, and new/lost backlinks among others.
  • It’s completely free

Why it might be not so awesome:

  • There are a lot of ads.
  • Every time you press the chat box for a search, a pop-up ad comes up, which can be quite annoying at times.
  • It lack some tools other backlink checkers have.

Then again it’s free.

Analyze Backlinks

When yahoo site explorer was shut down back in 2011, many SEO professionals scrambled to find a new tool to use for their day-to-day tasks. This tool became one of the favorite alternatives.

Let’s see why:

  • There are great filter options including the options to not repeat backlinks from the same domain, show links only from homepages, among others.
  • Gives you most of the necessary information such as anchor text, and total links among others.
  • There aren’t as much ads as other free checkers.
  • It’s free.

However It does lack some of the features available in other paid and even some free checkers.

If you don’t really need comprehensive data, or you are a small-time blogger or business owner that just needs basic information, this is a great tool to try out.

So, How Do I Get Backlinks?

There are lots of ways to get people to link to your content. Some are white-hat, while methods are on the shady side. But, most people will agree that the best way to get people to link to your content is by producing great content.

People hate empty, poorly disguised advertising. People love content that:

  • Makes them better informed
  • Helps them solve a problem
  • Helps them make good decisions
  • Entertains them

If you do this, people won’t think twice before linking to your website.

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