5 Best Email Autoresponders

Picking the best email autoresponders is a crucial piece of your online business. The most valuable part of any business is the email list. This is because the list contains your most loyal customers that are most likely to buy from you.

In fact, Email marketing has been cited as one of the most effective online marketing methods, second only to search marketing.

There quite a few things that you should consider before choosing a tool for an email marketing campaign:

  • Integration- A good tool should be able to function well with other marketing software.
  • Segmentation- A good tool should have customization options that allow you to send the right kind of emails to the right kinds of people.
  • Efficiency- The real reason why you get an email autoresponder is because you want less work. A high maintenance email marketing tool means that you aren’t getting the full value out of your money.

Different tools offer different features.

While some are best for small-time business owners and users, others are meant for bigger groups or companies with greater needs.

The list we prepared of the 5 Best Email Autoresponders contains tools that vary in terms of features and affordability. Every tool has it’s own pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Email Autoresponders:

The 5 Best Email Autoresponders

Aweber Review

AWeber is the best tool for email marketing; at least, according to more than 120,000 users worldwide.

One of the best things about AWeber is it’s strong follow-up features.

It has great scheduling options that allow you to easily set delivery hours for both new and old subscribers.

Unlike other tools, getting used to the basic and no-nonsense user interface will take some adjustment on your part. However, it is more efficient and makes management of your campaigns much easier.

The great thing about this service, is that you get your first month for the price of a junior cheeseburger.
The only clear disadvantage is that you can’t upload files directly to your mail. You need to host them on either a website, or on a platform.

Check out their pricing page to avail of the 1 month trial period for only $1, and take a look at all of the paid plans.

Watch this video and find out more.



MailChimp Review

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email-auto responders, used by email-marketers across the globe.

MailChimp has a great free account that allows you to send 12,000 emails a month to up to 2000 subscribers.

This is a great option for those doing business in niche markets who don’t really need the coverage that paid options offer.

But that doesn’t mean that the paid options aren’t good. In fact, they are awesome in their own right.

You have two options when it comes to paid accounts; you can choose to sign-up for a monthly paid account, or buy credits prepaid-style.

The prepaid option gives you a set number of email messages for a price. These emails don’t expire and can be used whenever you want.

However, MailChimp does not give you the option to choose your own template. Your best bet is to choose a template from a list that best suits your tastes.

Also, all of your emails will have the mailchimp logo, which can be a turn-off for some.

Paid accounts start at $10 per month. Go to their page to view all of your options or watch their video to learn more.

iContact Review

iContact is an award winning email and social media marketing service that is the staple email-autoresponder for millions of online marketers.

You can start out with a free account and get access to great features, that include social media tools.

If you want to up the ante, you can subscribe to a paid account to get access to even more great features.

One of the greatest things about iContact is the customer support.

A Premium account will give you the opportunity to consult experts in the field that will give you personal advice on how to get great returns from you email marketing campaign.

The biggest disappointment is the user interface. It is not very friendly and can take getting used to.

Sign yourself up for a free account on their website and check out their plans starting $14 a month.

Watch this video and find out more.

Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact is another great email auto-responder with a suite of great features for the email marketer.

Constant contact allows you to set-up email schedules in a way that allow new users to start from the beginning and experience everything that you have to offer.

A great feature is that you have the option to use provided templates, or design your own based on your needs.

This feature is one of the things that makes Constant Contact different from most other competing services.

However, compared to other tools, Constant Contact has a not-very-friendly user interface that takes time to get used to.

Plans for Constant Contact begin at $20 per month.

Take a look at some the videos on their YouTube channel to learn more.


ONTRAPORT (used to be OfficeAutoPilot) is a great email marketing tool that features an intuitive auto-responder.

With this tool, you can automatically calibrate your responses based on your customers’ actions.

With ONTRAPORT, you get award-winning customer service and access to tutorials that can help you kick-off your online marketing career.

However, the stellar support that this tool has to offer comes at a hefty price.

While other tools give you the services give you their basic services for $20 a month, ONTRAPORT plans start at $297 a month.

Because of the price,ONTRAPORT is best for bigger businesses that need to send out thousands of emails per day.

Watch their video and find out more.


Choosing the best Email Autoresponder can take quite a while. In fact, you will probably have to change tools based on changes in your needs and your business size.

However, once you find the perfect tool for you, you will see greater traffic, higher conversion rates, and an enormous return on investment in the time and money that you put into making the perfect email marketing campaign.

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