E-Junkie Review

In this E-Junkie review I reveal exactly how I use e-Junkie myself and why I think it is an outstanding tool if you are into selling your own information products.

What is E-Junkie

E-Junkie is an easy to use e-commerce system that is a great addition to your website. E-junkie is the e-commerce platform that provides you and your visitors with the checkout buttons such as, “order now” and “add to cart”. It also provides the shopping cart for the customers to be able to buy your products. E-Junkie promises a secure digital delivery for you codes, files, and physical products. This program goes above and beyond by also calculating the inventory amount, and the shipping cost for the customer.
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What is e-commerce

Electronic commerce is a simple term to understand. It is used to describe the process of buying and/or selling services and products through the internet. It also includes the transfer of data or funds over a network that is electronic.

The features of this program

  • Sales Tax is automatically applied
  • With E-Junkie, you can have sales tax calculated for you. The tax is added to the shopping cart before the customer gets to the end of the checkout process. The tax is applied based off of the location of the buyer.
  • You have the ability to create and manage discounts
  • This feature lets you create and approve of coupons virtually. It also lets you be able to put some of your products on sale for a period of time of your choosing. You can make promotional offers, and even produce gift certificates. This feature basically deals with anything that involves reducing the price temporarily. E-junkie lets you have a maximum of 10,000 discounts going on at one time.
  • Calculation of the shipping cost
  • E-Junkie automatically calculates the cost of shipping based on the characteristics of the product and the packaging details. It goes by the UPS standard rules of price per unit weight to determine the cost of the shipping. They also assess the shipping price based off of how much of the product is able to fit in the packaging.
  • Inventory Management
  • You have the ability to control the inventory. The E-Junkie system will limit sales depending on how much of the product is in stock. When a product quantity is getting to zero, the button that initiates the purchase is disabled automatically. It goes off of the quantity that you enter.
  • You can also use an expiration date system as well. All sales on a product will be limited if that product reaches its expiration date that you have set for it.
  • Sell bundles and packages
  • another really useful feature is that you can sell a product in a bundle. For example, if you are selling music files, you can sell single songs or the whole album. This can also be done with your physical good as well.
  • Price of E-Junkie

    E-Junkie offers a 7-day free trial to test out its competence. After the 7 days are up, the monthly payment will begin. The lowest rate is $5 per month. The makers of this program pride themselves on the fact that there are no fee for the transactions, bandwidth, nor any hidden surprise fees. Non-profit organizations that are charitable or humanitarian in nature, have the ability to get full access to E-Junkie for absolutely no cost. Just let them know, and your monthly fee will be waived. E-Junkie also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Your month will be refunded, but they would like to know what made you dissatisfied. They will more than likely try to convince you otherwise by offering assistance in the area that you found displeasing.
    All of the prices that are shown below are in US dollars. If you want a plan that is larger, it will cost 20 more dollars per month. The prices are based off of the number of products that you are selling and/or the size of the files or downloads that you are selling. Here is the full breakdown of all of the price options you can choose from.

    • 10 products is $5 per month and you get 50 MB for files
    • 20 products is $8 per month
    • 20 products plus 100 mb is $10 per month
    • 40 products is $15 per month and you will get 250mb
    • 60 products is $12 per month
    • 60 products plus 500 mb is $18 per month
    • 120 products is $27 every month and you get 500mb
    • 150 products is $16 a month
    • 250 products is $40 every month and you will receive 500mb
    • 350 products is $19 per month
    • 500 products is $60 per month plus 700 mb
    • 700 products is $28 every month
    • 750 products is $90 each month and with the inclusion of 900mb
    • 900 products is $41
    • 999 products is $125 and you get 999 mb
    • 1000 products is $50
    • 1999 products is $145 and the inclusion of 1999 mb
    • 2000 products is $100

    E-Junkie Review Conclusion

    e-Junkie is a great product that is effective in helping you to get things going smooth for customers who are ready to purchase your goods or services. The prices are reasonable and you are given many helpful options to set everything up in the way that you want it. You can make it easy for customers to checkout and bring in more revenue for your business. You are happy and so will your customers be. It is a win-win situation of everyone. It is easy to start up and easy to maintain. It is also very quick to get started. You can set up your shopping cart and checkout functions with ease. Overall, it is a really great product that is very beneficial to you and makes life easier for you and your customers. It makes the checkout process quick and painless for everyone.

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