41 Best Free Stock Images For Commercial Use Websites

Best Free Stock Images for Commercial Use Websites

If you have tried searching for the best websites with free stock photos that are stunning yet amazingly free stock images for commercial use (FFCU), you probably know how frustrating it can be. Specifically, this is the holy grail we are looking for in the free images for websites:

  1. 100% Free Stock Photos
  2. Free to copy, modify or distribute, even for commercial purposes
  3. Do not require attribution
  4. Are Creative Commons public domain / royalty free / copyright free / have no copyright restrictions
  5. Yet look amazing / stunning / breathtaking

The good news is, these free stock images exist, and in more places than you may think. Here is a curated list of 41 best sites to visit for free public domain stock photos. [tweet it]

Note: This list will be updated regularly as we discover more sites, so bookmark this page for future reference.

Skitter Photo


Skitter Photo offers stunning free stock images under the Creative Commons 1.0 public domain license. Created by three photographers from Groningen, The Netherlands, this site offers stunningly high quality free stock photos.

Travel Coffee Book


Travel Coffee Book is maintained by a Chinese traveling photographer who publishes 10 new photos every 10 days, all under the Creative Commons 1.0 license, which means they are all 100% free photos for commercial use.



Magdeleine curates the best high quality free stock photos available on the web. Photos are categorized into CC 1.0 (dedicated to the public domain) and attribution required. The great thing about Magdeleine is that it tags each photo by category, dominant colors used, camera used, location, resolution, size and other helpful details



Pexels handpicks and releases high quality images free for commercial provides. All are public domain, 100% royalty free photos.

Public Domain Archive


The Public Domain Archive by Matt from Athens, Georgia is a curated list of the highest quality public domain images available online.



Unsplash.com releases 10 new free photos every 10 days. Amazing photos, all under the Creative Commons Public Domain License.



Snapographic by Thomas Mühl has a good collection of free stock photos that are free for commercial use. He even provides details on the camera, type of lens, aperture, focal length, exposure time used to take each photo. Great for aspiring photographers who want to dig into the details.

ISO Republic


ISO Republic by Tom Eversley, a designer and photographer from South England, provides high quality free for commercial use images with no attribution required.

Snapwire Snaps


Snapwire Snaps provides photos weekly under the public domain, which means they are 100% free images for commercial use with no attribution required.

Jay Mantri


Jay Mantri, a designer from Santa Monica, provides free stock photos weekly under the Creative Commons 1.0 public domain license.



Splitshire.com by talented Italian photographer Daniel Nanescu, all public domain



Gratisography.com by Bell Design’s Ryan McGuire, a creative visual artist from Ithaca, New York. All free for commercial use.

From Old Books


For those looking for old images from vintage books, From Old Books offers a good collection of free images scanned from old books that are copyright-free and can be used commercially.  

The Pattern Library


Instead of stock photography, The Pattern Library by Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri offers the web’s largest collection of quality patterns that are free for commercial use.

Foodies Feed


For those looking specifically for free stock photos of food, Foodies’ Feed by Jakub from Prague, Czech Republic has a great collection of free food photos for commercial use.

Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos by Sculpt, an Iowa-based marketing agency, provides quality free photos for commercial use under the CC public domain 1.0 license.



MMT by Jeffrey Betts, a professional graphic designer from New York, provides amazing free for commercial use stock photos under the CC0 license.

Crow the Stone


Crow the Stone provides free stock photos dedicated to the public domain. Sign up for their mailing list to receive weekly free stock images.

Little Visuals


LittleVisuals.co offers a mailing list that will deliver 7 high resolution free stock photos to your inbox once a week.



Moveast features a photographer from Portugal on his journey east. All photos released are copyright free stock images for commercial use.

Life of Pix


A labor of love by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal and its photographer network, Life Of Pix provides both free stock images and free footages that are 100% public domain.



Jeshoots by young photographer Jan Vasek offers a great collection of free stock photos under the CC0 license.



Picography offers a good variety of public domain photos with no attribution required you can use freely for commercial uses.

Designers Pics


Designers Pics by Jeshu John from Kochi, South India, offers original high quality stock photos free for commercial use.



Camarama offers a repository of free stock photos that can be used with no attribution required.

Wikimedia Commons

Free Images for Commercial Use - WikiCommons

You have probably heard of and used Wikipedia, but do you know about Wikimedia Commons? This is a great site that has a database of 24 million (and growing) free stock photos that have been made available in the public domain. This site has a robust database that allows you to search by category. Quality may be mixed for some types of photos but the site also includes a ‘best photos’ button that screens the better photos for you.



PicJumbo by Viktor Hanacek from Czech Republic provides no copyright stock photos in high resolution (3,888 pixels wide) with no restrictions, 100% public domain and free for commercial use.

Get Refe

Free Images for Commercial Use - Get Refe

Get Refere from Vilnius, Lithuania provides a high quality collection of free stock photos free for commercial use. The founders (Justas Markus, Akvile Zelnyte and Tomas Laurinavicius) graduated from the same university as Harry Potter.



Photo by Trysil of IMFree
IMFree provides photos free for commercial use. However, some photos may require attribution. IMFree is created by IMCreater, a New York based creator of designer websites.

Morgue File


Go to Morgue File by Michael Connors for a great collection of breathtaking photos. However, note that the images are only free for use in creative projects and are not in the public domain. Model and property releases may not have been obtained.

New Old Stock


New Old Stock is a collection of vintage photos free for commercial use curated by Cole Townsend of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Slight disclaimer is that these photos are only cleared of known copyright restrictions.



By Markus Spiske of temporausch [dot] com

RaumRot provides images under the Creative Commons 2.0 License. This means you are free to share and adapt the photo for commercial uses, but need to provide attribution.



HiResStock by Akhmad Dody Firmansyah provides high resolution stock images free for commercial use. Photos are categorized into architecture, technology, food, city view, music, nature and more.

Image Base

Free Stock Photography - Image Base

Image Base by David Niblack offers a great collection of free stock photos with no rights reserved.  

Authentic Snaps

Authentic Snaps offers free stock photos under its own license. In summary, photos are allowed for commercial use in advertising / commercial materials without attribution, but not allowed to be resold or posted on free stock photo repositories.

Turbo Photo


Turbo Photo offers a 2,000-image collection of stock images that are in the public domain.



If you are looking for vintage artwork and posters, Viintage offers a great collection that are 100% public domain, free for commercial use.

Car Pictures


By Pingping on Flickr
Car Pictures provides a good variety of car stock photos. However, most of these photos are CC BY-SA 2.0, which means you are free to share and adapt the photos for any purpose, including commercial. However, attribution is required and you can only share the photo under the same terms.

Superfamous Studios


Superfamous Studios provides free stock photos under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Note that this allows images to be free for commercial use, but requires credit to be given.

Unrestricted Stock


Unrestricted Stock offers high quality royalty free photos created by a team at www.agencydominion.com.

Lock and Stock Photos


Lock and Stock Photos by AJ Montpetit releases free stock photos under the Creative Commons License ShareALike 4.0

Hope this curated list of Best Free Stock Images For Commercial Use Websites was helpful. Please leave us a comment if you discover other great websites with copyright free images and royalty free images that meet the same criteria.

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    Hello Janet, thank you for a good list. You can check my website if you want. There are my photos with CC license (commercial use, need attribution): http://freepix.eu/


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