How to Get a Domain Name in 5 Minutes

Learn how to get a domain name in 5 minutes. The following guide will walk you through the steps involved in picking a domain name, checking domain availability, getting a domain name and changing nameservers.

  1. What is a Domain Name
  2. How to Choose a Domain Name
  3. How to Check Domain Availability
  4. How to Get a Domain Name
  5. How to Change Nameservers
  6. Domain Name Parking

What is a domain name

A domain name or URL (Unique Resource Locator) is what users type in their Internet browser in order to find your website. There are currently more than 270 million unique domain names on the Internet.

1. How to Choose a Domain Name

How to pick a domain name? The best domain names meet the following criteria:

  1. Keyword relevant – there are purists out there who say that domain names do not matter in search rankings and Google indeed has limited the benefits of long exact match domains. However, I have observed that domain names still have some impact on your SERPs. You will notice that Google still bolds the relevant keywords in your domain in its search results. Learn how to do keyword research.
  2. Easy to remember – this is important as part of building your online authority and generating repeat visitors. Aim for a domain name that is no longer than 3 words and no longer than 7 syllables (for example, our domain is exactly 3 words and 7 syllables)
  3. .com extension – you will notice that there are multiple possible extensions. More exotic ones such as .io or .info are usually cheaper. However, most users are lazy and only remember .com extensions. You will also notice that .com extensions may have a slight SEO benefit. So, may be slightly more expensive but definitely worthwhile to get a .com extension

2. How to Check Domain Availability

With the above criteria in mind, check if your domain is available using the tool below.

If it is, perfect, move on to step 3. If not, try different variations or adding a prefix or suffix.

Domain Prefix Ideas / List

  1. Smart
  2. Best
  3. Daily
  4. Great
  5. First
  6. The
  7. A
  8. Light
  9. Sharp
  10. Killer
  11. Classic
  12. Solo
  13. One
  14. Pro
  15. Money
  16. Free

Domain Suffix Ideas / List

  1. Hq
  2. Info
  3. Guide
  4. Blog
  5. Now
  6. Web
  7. Net
  8. Central
  9. Site
  10. Depo
  11. Cave
  12. Base
  13. Repo

3. How to Get a Domain Name

There are hundreds of domain registrars. What makes one better than others? You want to find a domain name registrar that is cheap, secure, has no hidden fees, provides free add-ons and has good support. I highly recommend NameSilo, because of the following benefits:

Free Lifetime WHOIS Privacy

With other domain registrars such as Godaddy or Bluehost, where you have to pay extra for add-ons such as WHOIS privacy and email forwarding, with Namesilo this is completely free for all times. This is important in protecting your online identity. According to ICANN, the online regulator of domain names, every registrar is required to maintain a database of the contact details associated with each domain. However, with domain privacy, instead of showing your personal contact details when someone does a Whois lookup on your domain, Namesilo will show generic contact information that protects your online identity

Other Free Add-Ons

Namesilo offers other free add-ons such as free email forwarding and domain defender protection


As the below comparison table shows, Namesilo is currently the cheapest domain registrar out there, with no hidden fees and many free add-ons:


Bulk Discount

Namesilo also offers a discount if you register domain names with them in bulk

Excellent Support

Namesilo’s support is best in class and very responsive. Expect to get a reply to any of your queries in less than a day

Get a Domain Name with NameSilo Here

Namesilo vs Godaddy

Even if you already have a domain name, you can easily transfer your domains to Namesilo to enjoy the benefits upon renewal of your domain. That was what I did when I discovered Namesilo: I transferred all my domains from Godaddy to Namesilo. Namesilo even offers bulk discounts if you register multiple domains.

How to Change Nameservers

After you have registered your domain name, the final step is to point your domain name to your web host. This is also known as changing nameservers. A nameserver tells your browser which web host to go to when a user types in your domain in the browser. After you register your domain with your domain registrar, it is important to change nameservers so your domain will be served from your web host.

Here is how to do this in Namesilo:

1. Login to your Namesilo account

2. Go to your Domain Manager

Click ‘Manage My Domains’ on the top right of the webpage. This will take you to your domain manager

3. Change Nameservers

Check the domains you have registered, and click ‘Change Nameservers’.

If you are using Bluehost, change the nameservers to and in order to have Bluehost serve your website:


4. Add the Domain to Your Bluehost Account

Next, you also need to add the domain to your Bluehost account. To do this, first log in to your Bluehost account, then click on ‘Domain Manager’:


5. Assign the Domain to Bluehost

Next, click ‘Assign a domain to your cPanel account’:


6. Enter your Domain Name

Type in your domain name, and leave all other options as the default filled in value. The easiest way to verify ownership is to first point the nameservers to Bluehost, which is what we have done above. Otherwise, you can use one of the other methods listed: set the DNS ‘A’ record, creating a dummy page, entering a EPP authorization code.

Once you click ok, you are all set!

Domain Name Parking

Domain Name Parking or Nameparking refers to the practice of registering domain names before you need them in case they may be taken up earlier. For example, some people even check if their newborn child’s domain name is available before naming him or her. Generally, I do not think it is too important to namepark especially when you are just starting out with your lifestyle business, unless you are paranoid about protecting your online brand.

Hope you found the above tutorial on how to get a domain name in 5 minutes helpful. Once you have a domain name set up, learn How to Make a Blog in 5 minutes.

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