15 Ways to Improve your Website’s Conversion Rate

So, you have a business and that business has a website. And that website is meant to get people to pay for your product(s) or services. Conversion marketing is a way for a site to turn visitors of the site into paying customers. So now you are probably wondering, “how in the world do I do that?” Well, to make things easier, here are 15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate.

15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate

  • Have an effective landing page
  • The outcome of a landing page is to get conversion leads, which are the visitors that the marketers are trying to turn into customers and the process of turning them into paying customers. The landing page content should include a number of things in order to get the visitor to become a customer.

  • The visitor must see the benefits
  • Promote the value of what you are selling, rather than just stating its features. Make sure the benefits sound real. They have to make the visitor believe there are actual benefits to be gotten.

  • Be empathetic
  • All of your visitors are human, not robots. Connect with real human emotions. Emotions drive almost every decision. Use that to an advantage. People should feel like your company understands their needs. Connect with the visitor.

  • Customer checkout Process
  • When a customer is checking out, they do not want a bunch of delays. Don not make them sign up for an account before the can finish the checkout process. That is annoying and will produce second thoughts about the purchase. Another suggestion to consider is using “Order Now” as your call to action text.

  • Make objectives clear
  • Do not beat around the bush to the customers with your intentions. Make everything clear and to the point. Show them your objectives up front so that there is nothing that seems off or unclear. The goal is to eliminate any areas that might cause skepticism.

  • Experiment with the format of the website
  • No one wants to loom at the same design forever. Tweak your site often. Change the colors or the font. Just update it often. Put some effort into the design. The visitor will like the refreshing appearance and be more likely to stay on the website longer. The longer a visitor lingers on your page, means that they are more likely to become a paying customer.

  • Make your site easy to navigate
  • The visitors of your website want to be able to explore your website with smooth and easy sailing. Do not make your site complicated to get through. Make sure there are not any broken links and error pages. Every piece of your site need to be functioning at tip top shape.

  • Use real and good quality images
  • The images on your website need to be visible, related to your website and as high quality as possible. This means, do not use pixilated stock images for your site. Picture says a thousand words and your goal is for those words to attract more customers.

  • Give incentive
  • There is an acronym that you should keep in mind: WIITF. WIIFT stands for what’s In It for Them. This means that the visitor wants to know what exactly they are getting out of this deal. Give them that answer. People like gifts and incentives. If someone feels like they are getting something for free or extremely reduced in price, they are more likely to get on board.

  • Give all info up front
  • Do not give the visitor any surprises. Show everything up front so that they trust you more. Do not drop surprise fees on them at the end of the transaction. Show exactly what the deal is from the start and they will follow along.

  • Draw attention to certain areas
  • There are places that you want the visitor’s attention to be drawn to. You can do this by having an attention grabbing phrase, or a picture that is intriguing. This can also be achieved with the color scheme of the page. Use complementary colors the contrast but blend at the same time.

  • Add a FAQ section
  • One way to reel in the visitor is to make sure they trust your product and all of the information that is surrounding it. You can achieve this by giving them a comprehensive list of information about the product. Start by making a FAQ page that asks and answers questions that the soon to be customer made be wondering. This will make them feel more comfortable and likely to purchase what you are selling.

  • Do not overload the visitor
  • Too many distractions on your website will get the visitor off topic and more likely to leave confused and uninformed. Make sure everything is in a nice and neat order. Do not put up too many pictures or too much information.

  • Update your website speed
  • A slow website is sure to lose a large chunk of visitors, which means that the number of customers will be nearly non-existent. Make sure you website is up to date and at the highest speed it can go.

  • Use social media as an outlet
  • Social media is an amazing marketing tool because of its growing popularity. Use it to your advantage to pull in visitors to your website. Find your target audience and appeal to their interest through the social media website and they will swarm in like bees.
    Conversion rate tips
    Conversion rates let you know how well your customers are responding to your business and your marketing strategies. It is also a reflection of the effectiveness of your website and Landing Pages. These 15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate will be very beneficial for you to follow. It is not very hard to get the results that you want. As long as you have the right strategy and are informed about how to do things, you should not have any conversion issues. Hopefully these 15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate will be enough to get your visitors to become loyal, happy, paying customers.

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